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Executive Director

Professor Reyes is the first and current executive director of the National Academy of Sports. She leads the academy in its founding stages to ensure the establishment of overarching programs in integrating sports and education. She has accumulated years. of experience and expertise with the following: Head of the Physiology Unit of the Philippine Sports Commission; Department Chairperson of the Sports Science Program at the University of Santo Tomas; Vice Director for venue operations of the 30th South East Asian Games Philippines 2019. More than an administrator and an educator, Professor Reyes is a bonafide public speaker and an advocate of a sustainable sports development program.


We are here to ensure that our Student Athletes receive the best sports training, quality secondary education and nurturing student support services in a world-class environment under the mentorship of our devoted Coaches and Faculty. We aspire for all of our Student-Athletes to succeed in their Journey from their Homes to national and international Podiums. We want them to be Champions in their field, but more importantly, Champions in life and contributors to nation-building. This is the very reason why we are here, and this is our continuing mission and journey.
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