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The National Academy of Sports (NAS) is mandated to implement a quality and enhanced secondary education program, integrated with a special curriculum on sports, which will raise the student-athletes’ competitiveness in the field of sports and produce world-class athletes in the years to come.


To be at the forefront of global sports development and education, producing well rounded student-athletes equipped with the ability and passion to become a source of national pride.


We provide a platform for academically competent and athletically talented Filipino youth to become responsible world-class student-athletes playing a vital role in nation-building.

We endeavor to provide a holistic approach towards the development of physical, moral, social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being of the student-athletes.

We provide world-class facilities at par with international standards and opportunities to compete internationally to enhance the athletic skills and abilities of student-athletes.

We institutionalize an educational system in implementing quality & enhanced secondary education program integrated with a special curriculum on sports.

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