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The Athletics Course at the National Academy of Sports is a dynamic program designed to cultivate well-rounded athletes and coaches in the realm of track and field sports. This comprehensive course blends theoretical knowledge with practical training to develop athletes capable of excelling in various disciplines within athletics.

Key Components:

Track Events

Participants receive specialized training in sprints, middle-distance, and long-distance running. Techniques for efficient starts, accelerations, and race strategies are emphasized.

Field Events

The course covers a range of field events, including but not limited to long jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, javelin, and discus. Students gain hands-on experience in mastering the technical aspects of each discipline.

Sports Physiology

Athletes delve into the science behind performance, exploring sports physiology and biomechanics to optimize training regimens, prevent injuries, and enhance overall athletic abilities.

Coaching and Strategy

Nutrition for Athletes

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